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Group Activities For Practicing Non-Judgment

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You may try to change in ways that allow you to be more healthy and happy, but this is done because you care about yourself, not because you are worthless or unacceptable as you are.

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It will give constructive feedback. Consider starting with judgment for. However, given considerable workload demands, often juggled with family responsibilities, teachers may not seek out such training from a health care provider. This is a directed meditation that invites us to cultivate a warmth, care, friendliness and kindness towards ourselves and others. When you are not overwhelmed with emotions, you can see the world and events that happen clearly, like a bottle of clear water. Awesome, I love these! Shake the glitter ball once more and watch the glitter settle.


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As research in behavioral economics, psychology, and decision sciences has shown in recent years, cognitive biases such as anchoring, confirmation, and risk aversion or excessive risk appetite are pervasive influences in the choices people make.

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