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Specialty Section Councils shall provide for deliberation and study of scientific educational and other appropriate interests and concerns of the specialty disciplines and the specialty societies representing these disciplines within the AMA. For example, it would not be reasonable for a club to hire cars for each first team player to travel to away matches.



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The board may adopt policies providing for reasonable reimbursement of directors for expenses incurred in conjunction with carrying out board responsibilities, such as travel expenses to attend board meetings.

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Membership on the Governing Council shall be determined by election by members of the Private Practice Physicians Section. It does not offer legal advice, and cannot guarantee the accuracy or suitability of its content for a particular purpose. Directors, by the Chair of the Board or the President.

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On its own merit and because of interoperability and stability considerations, properly functioning nameservers are of utmost importance to the individual, as well as to the local and the global Internet communities.

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Within six months of receipt of a final report, the Board shall consider such final report and the public comments on the final report, and determine whether to approve the recommendations in the final report.

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ICANN as may be ordered by the Board or the President and, whenever requested by them, shall deliver to the Board and the President an account of all his or her transactions as CFO and of the financial condition of ICANN.

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